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Hot Air Balloon Tour



  • 60, 75 or 90 minutes
  • Cappadocia
Tour Name: Hot Air Balloon Tour
Tour Code: CP 011
Type: Private (Personal) Tour or Group Tour
Start Point: Cappadocia
End Point: Cappadocia
Operates: Everyday - All Year Round
Duration: 60, 75 or 90 minutes
Enquiries: ***Please ask for the best Balloon Tour Price of the season ! Email for all tour inquiries: info@deliltravel.com

Start the day in Cappadocia from Air ! Cappadocia Balloon Flight Tour is the best way to see volcanic landscape of Cappadocia from Air!

 Cappadocia from Air, Why Not?

 Every flight is a fantastic adventure as we float intimately amongst the fairy chimneys and soar over the magnificent Cappadocia landscape. Enjoy the miraculous wonders of Cappadocia region from the sky at sunrise. Complete your memorable flight over the land of the Fairy chimneys with Champaign and a flight certificate. All pilots are certified professionals who have many years’ experience in aviation. We offer full insurance to all of our customers.

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tour itinerary 

Morning pick up: We will pick you up from your hotel/home and take you our launch site in the early morning The pick up time will be told you according to where you stay in cappadocia. . While you have your coffee/tea and snacks, we prepare the balloons on the ground.  You will have an opportunity to watch. The preparations take just 15 min.
A balloon tour  is an ideal way to see these out-of-the-way villages in Cappadocia, but of course when you set off in the morning, you will never be sure which villages you will be seeing because that all depends on the direction of the wind

Pre-Flight: An informative pre-flight briefing by your FAA Certified Commercial Pilot. All of their pilots and balloons are fully certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.
Inflation: You can actually participate in the exciting inflation process, or just watch the multi-colored balloon unfold a world of color around you. Before you realize it, the pilot stands the balloon up and you board the hand-crafted wicker basket.

Take offThe lift-off and ascent is so gentle many people do not realize they have left the loving arms of mother earth. As you become one with the wind, you lose sensation of motion and perception of heights. You begin to feel the peacefulness and tranquility of ballooning.

Then they descend and float through the valleys, between fairy chimneys and caves which give you excellent views to take pictures or videotape.

Landing: Your pilot will look for a spot near a farm, where there will be thrilled people to help you celebrate your “arrival”. After landing the pilot and crew will pack up the balloon and return to the launch site for the post flight celebration. The tradition of celebrating the flight began in the early 1700's upon landing, the first balloons were feared as evil spirits, and attacked by the local villagers and farmers. A later balloonist presented a letter from the King and a bottle of champagne as evidence of their Earthly origins, and so continues today, the tradition of champagne as a gesture of friendliness and good times.

Return Transfer: The crew will transfer you back to your accommodation

Standart Flight  : 60 Minutes , Basket’s  Capacity between 15- 28 people

Comfort Flight   :75 Minutes , Basket’s Capacity Maximum 8 People

Deluxe Flight    :90 Minutes , Basket’s  Capacity maximum 4 people

Exclusive Flight : 90 Minutes , Basket’s  capacity depends on your group size

Including the tour price:
  • Collection & return to Hotel
  • Open buffet breakfast, coffee/tea and snacks before take off
  • Champagne after landing
Excluding the tour price:
  • All customary tips to guide & driver